DSWAI Excellence in Dentistry Awards

The DSWAI Excellence is dentistry Awards recognise the highest standards of excellence in the dental profession, honouring individuals in respective fields for their outstanding achievement.

These awards are instrumental for motivating other student to strive for greater heights and to contribute more actively towards promoting the profession’s intellectual, creative and ethical value system.

This new endeavour was given a very warm welcome by the dental profession on its debut in 2013-making it India most coveted dentistry awards and hailing it as “the Indian dental Oscars”! The award give students in India a great platform to benchmark their achievements against their peers; Giving award winners/ Nominees a professional boost to perform better, achieve higher earn a long lasting reputation and attract more students It is not easy to win the DSWAI excellence in dentistry award given the rigorous judging process; making the winner true stalwart In their respective categories.

We go the extra mile to recognize our winners!!

We make sure our award winners are given that extra special recognition beyond just receiving an award. Access to your exclusive logo award icon to include on website and other marketing material enjoy publicity through award winner lists on our website and Guidant publications. &DSWAI Magazine.

    • Once you decide which category you wish to apply for submit the application form along with the following

      1. Covering letter and Evidence
      Each entry should have a cover letter of approximately 500-1000 Words containing a brief description of of your practice / case / category highlighting reasons why you think you should win that particular category. Make sure to supportive evidence for all the information in the cover letter. Stay focused on the category and the qualities you want to show the judges. Support it with couple of well-chosen testimonials and any other evidence of patient care. We highly recommend You to send the above information in power point presentation format.

      2. Photos and Presentation
      Ensure that your entry includes photograph to enable to judge to distinguish your entry from others. Photographic evidence with before and after pictures for the category entered must be put together in hard copy or DVD or pen drive or can be emailed.

    •     Nominations are expected from all across India.
    •     Any students working in India.

    • Benchmark Your achievements against competitors. A nomination and winning an award give you a professional boost that last forever. Trophy or plaque to adorn the practice and highlight your success.

      More patients and better staff will be attracted to an award winner/ shortlisted practice. Winning or even being nominated validates your efforts and can-do wonders to your practice and your team. Enjoy the attention receive from patients and other professional colleagues.

      Nominees and winner will be permitted to use the award logo on their website, brochures, posters or any other marketing material. Nominal entry fees to cover admin. And other related costs. Nominees and winner will receive nationwide exposure through the famdent publications its vast network of publicity famdent will have a section dedicated to the winners and nominees bringing fame and recognition within the dental fraternity. It will also carry prominent features on the accomplished Dentists.