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Dental Students Welfare Association of India was established in the year 2004 to unite the dental students all across the world. Since its inception, more than 156 dental colleges in India in which more than 50,000 student are studying, have got associated with the organization. The prime aim of the organization is to grant the dental student an access to different cultures and help foster long-lasting friendships with people from across the world. DSWAI is living proof of the power of a dream, the dream to unleash the spirit within every enthusiastic student! The dream that started with 6 people now embraces more than 50,000 students from all over India; students, who cherish, respect and love each other despite the diversity, that would have been a distant dream without the help of DSWAI. Since its inception, more than 289 dental colleges in India, with more than 50,000 students, have been associated with this organization and is still growing.

The principle behind the formation of DSWAI is to establish an efficient work force, which will create awareness of oral health and fight oral cancer which is deep-rooted within the Indian community. Now the DSWAI is associated with renowned associations of the world, for instance the IADS (International association of India), FDI (Federation Dentaire Internationale), UNESCO (United National Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), YDW (Young Dentists Worldwide)

As per the students needs and interests regarding the exchange programmes, the DSWAI is soon collaborating with another renowned association of world like the ASDA (American Students Dental Association), EDSA (European Dental Students Association), ASPDSA (Asia Pacific Dental Students Association). With the distant vision of our Presidents Dr. Chandresh Shukla (DSAI) and Dr. Jatin Aneja (DSWAI) we aim to strengthen further our fight against oral cancer, open channels of exchange at the student level and increase our efforts to enhance the standard of dental profession and education.

About DSAI

Dental Surgeons Association of India was established in the year 2014 to unite the Dental Surgeons. Since its starting, more than than 10,000 Dental Surgeons associated with the organization.

The main Idea behind the formation of association is to establish an efficient manpower which can create awareness of dental health and fight against oral cancer in Indian community, and also fight for our own rights which has got itself in deep rooted foundation.

Apart from creating awareness in the society of Indian population, it was also created with the aim of uniting Dental Surgeons to share their knowledge and lay helping hands to each other for their own benefits and their carrier.

Objective and Mission

  • Safeguard interest of Dental Surgeons.
  • To work for the welfare of Dental Surgeons and Patients.
  • To prevent the ragging and irregularities in dental colleges of India.
  • To prevent the commercialization of education so that every class of society has access to proper education.
  • To encourage public health and to organize lectures, seminars, national conventions and meetings to promote the art and science of dentistry.
  • To Work for integrated development of Dental Surgeons so that they can develop themselves socially, economically and professionally.
  • To organize various activities with the help of other Government and Non-governmental organizations this would be beneficial for Dental Surgeons.