Membership Benefits

Dental Surgeons Association of India formed for the people who want to work with us even after the completion of their undergraduate/ postgraduate courses. It is to create an opportunity for the young dental professionals who agree with our work style and wish to do something for the betterment of our dental profession. The benefit to become member of the association are

  • You will get the membership certificate singed by president of association.
  • You will get membership card which can be used for many kind of discounts.
  • You will get a leather file kit as your welcoming kit.
  • You will get a card holder as a gift.
  • You will get chance to make your profile in our official website.
  • You will have subscription of our official magazine.
  • You will get chance to send your article for our official website.
  • You will get discounts in registration fees of our annual conference.
  • You can present paper and posters during our annual conference.
  • You will get emails and SMS alerts of our every programs.
Who can be a Member?

Apart from being a volunteer and working selflessly for the benefit of society, one can opt to attain membership with the organization with in required numbers as permitted by the governing body. Dental Surgeons can visit our website and fill the online registration form, deposit the fees in our account and become the member of association. A member of association can get many benefits like discount in book perches, dental instruments, Conferences etc. member of association will get a membership card and certificate which will be help full for Dental Surgeons to get all the advantages to become the member of the association.

Types of membership;
1. Life member
2. Ordinary member
3. Honorary member

Life member
Every person who shall pay a subscription of Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees one thousand only) shall be a life member of the society.

Honorary Member
The Governing Board can appoint any person or persons of national / international repute as Honorary Member of the society for a period as specified by the Governing Board. Honorary members are not liable to pay any membership subscription and shall not have right to vote in the meeting of General Body of the society.