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LectureTitle: The Use of Microscope in Endodontics
(Ergonomics and Documentation).

Dr. Zaher Altaki


Endodontics Department
Damascus University Syria


Endodontists have frequently boasted that they can do much of their work blindfolded simply because there is “nothing to see.” The truth of the matter is that there is a great deal to see if only we had the right tools. The most important development in endodontics is the introduction of the surgical operating microscopes that have been used for decades in many other medical disciplines: ophthalmology, neurosurgery, reconstructive surgery, otorhinolaryngology, and vascular surgery. Its introduction into dentistry in the last fifteen years, particularly in endodontics, has revolutionized how endodontics is practiced worldwide. Before the introduction of the operating microscope we could “feel” the presence of a problem (a ledge, a perforation, a blockage, a broken instrument), and the clinical management of that problem was never predictable and depended on happenstance. But now with the help of magnification we can deal with such complicated cases and the whole procedure becomes more predictable. In order to work correctly with the microscope without body overload, ergonomics with microscope during the procedure should take place. The increasing use of magnifying devices in the dentist’s practice is also leading to a need to document the diagnosis and treatment, whether for forensic purposes, for the dentist’s own documentation needs, patient education, training and case presentations. Microscopic endodontic treatment with ergonomics and documentation will be presented and discussed.

Biography (CV):

Dr.Zaher Altaqi obtainedh is DDS degree from Syrian Private University (SPU), College of Dentistry, Damascus,Syria. He granted his Post-Graduate master degree in Endodontics from Damascus University, College of Dentistry, Syria. He is amember of Syrian endodontics and operative dentistry Society (SES).He is an editorial board member of International Dental and Medical Journal of Advanced Research. He is a member in microscopic dental club group and his private practice is limited on microscopic endodontic treatment and restorative dentistry. He has an interest in microscope ergonomics and documentation.


Presentation title:
Saving Teeth by Endodontic Treatment

Presenter: Assoc Prof. Dr. Talal Al-Nahlawi DDS,
MSc, PhD. Endodontist


Introduction and aim: The advancement of new concepts and techniques in endodontic treatment dramatically changed the endodontic practice, and resulted in more teeth preservation in the mouth. The aim of this presentation is to focus on how could endodontic treatment preserve teeth and minimize the need for extraction, subsequent implants, and surgical intervention.

Presentation contents: This presentation will highlight the objectives of root canal treatment and will discuss the dilemma of hidden canals in endodontic practice, clinical tips in the treatment of curves and calcified canals as well as treating teeth with broken instruments, and keys for treating necrotic canals with peri-apical lesions.

Conclusion: getting involved with the new endodontic concepts and correct and precise way of practicing based on skillful diagnosis will ease the endodontic treatment, the issue that will lead to more successful root canal treatments and more teeth preservation.


Dr. Talal Al-Nahlawi

Dr. Talal Al-Nahlawi was born in Damascus in 1977. He graduated from Faculty of Dentistry-Damascus University in 1999; he completed his post graduate diploma in endodontics in 2001, Master of Science in 2004, and PhD degree in 2009 from Damascus University. Since then he became an assistant professor at Operative dentistry and Endodontics department at Damascus and Syrian Private Universities. He was conferred into the title of associate professor in 2015. Dr. Talal has published 12 articles in national and international peer-reviewed dental journals. And he is a reviewer in Damascus University for Health Sciences and International Medical and Dental Journal of Advanced Research peer-reviewed journals. He is the author of one book in operative dentistry in Arabic 2015, and has translated Sturdevants Art and science of Operative Dentistry 5th edition into Arabic language, Mosby Elsevier Publishing 2011. He has conducted hands on training for more than 1000 dentists in the field of Endodontics and restorative dentistry. He has a private practice in Damascus and United Arab Emirates mostly limited to Endodontics. Dr. Talal lectured in many national and international dental meetings. Currently he is a board director member of the Syrian Endodontic Society, Esthetic dentistry specialty coordinator in the National Dental Specialty Center for post graduate studies, Endodontic program director of MHG Professional Development Dental Educational Institute Dubai, and vice-dean for scientific affairs at Syrian Private University.


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